Patron: Andrew Motion

As announced at the last Camden meeting we will be reinstating the featured poets spot at both venues. Poets will be chosen from the floor readers at the previous meeting. The chosen floor poet at Camden in December Bridget Sebastian will read at the next Camden in January. The Lumen venue will follow a similar pattern. Obviously the more you attend the greater the chance of being chosen. This holds also for readings in other venues (Poetry Cafe, Beyond Words, RFH plus others,) to which we have been invited. Opportunities to read within Camden /Lumen venues either as a featured poet or, indeed, a main poet will occur each month.

Ruth O’Callaghan presents:
Lapwing Press Poets

especially the wonderful

Belinda Singleton

and featured poet

Bridget Sebastian

Poets from the floor very welcome.
Please leave the poem you read to be considered for the next anthology.
LUMEN 88 Tavistock Place W.C.1 ~ doors open 6.30 for 7p.m.
Tubes: Russell Square , Kings Cross, St Pancras. Entrance £5/£4 WINE