Last year Camden and Lumen Poetry raised £3840 for the homeless by contributing to the Cold Weather Shelters. This income was raised at the popular poetry events in Buck Street, Camden, and in the Lumen venue, near Kings Cross. Money comes  from the entrance fee to events, book sales, the popular raffle, and the wine and soft drinks bar.

Extra money is raised from sales of the annual anthology and from books donated by publishers. The events are always well attended so poetry played a major part in helping the homeless through this last hard winter, thanks to the efforts of organiser Ruth O’Callaghan and the poets of Camden and Lumen who make it such a vibrant project.

Ruth announced the total raised for the year at the last event in Camden, and added later: ‘Due to the recession it was extra hard work – but not so hard as sleeping out on the streets this bitter winter.’

The last anthology, called Genius Floored, has an excellent selection of poems by well-known poets and by poets who read at the Camden and Lumen events (and the regulars also include published poets). Poets who read at each open mic can submit the poem they present to be considered for the next anthology.

You can find details of how to get a copy of the last anthology on our Publications page, and Jan Fortune-Wood is currently editing the anthology from last year’s readers to be published in May 2010 by Cinnamon Press.

Each year a publisher sponsors publication of the collection, and the anthology last year and in the coming year are both sponsored by John Anderson of Soaring Penguin Publications. To find out the times and dates of the next events take a look at our Events page.