Carol Ann Duffy is the new patron of Camden and Lumen Poetry, finding time in her busy schedule as Poet Laureate to give her support. Ruth O’Callaghan, Camden and Lumen’s organiser, sent out this exciting information in an email and also told the audience at the last poetry event in Camden. Standing on stage in the Buck Street venue, Ruth gave the news to the large audience she always attracts with her tireless efforts. Proceeds from the project go to support the Cold Weather Shelters, which have been so vital in the past few months, and Carol Ann Duffy’s support will give this an extra boost.

These regular evenings have well-known authors alongside aspiring new poets, and offer publishers and magazine editors the chance to present some of their writers before the open mic session begins. Ruth also invites favourite poets to read, so the evenings often include familiar and well-loved names. In May of each year a selection of poems presented by poets from the floor in open mic appear in an anthology alongside some of our best known poets.

Carol Ann Duffy’s support will raise the prestige of Camden and Lumen Poetry, which is already a well-established and popular project thanks to Ruth’s hard work. This will benefit the Cold Weather Shelters and will also give extra encouragement and inspiration to the poets who perform at each event and put forward their poems to be considered for the anthology.